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Plebcity is revolutionizing the way people interact with digital artwork and collectibles. We provide an innovative way for users to buy and sell their own unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through the use of smart contracts.With Opensea Platform , you can easily buy, sell, and trade NFTs in a secure and reliable way. Plebbit platform allows you to unlock the true potential of digital art and collectibles, giving you more control over how you interact with them. NFTs are much, much more than jpegs. It's a piece of technology that has the potential to revolutionize a lot of things in our daily digital lives.

Offical Plebbit NFTs

About Plebbit

 A serverless, adminless, decentralized Reddit alternative that has no blockchain transactions fees, and uses captchas over peer-to-peer pubsub to prevent spam. 


By using Public Key Based Addressing and a peer-to-peer pubsub network, Plebbit can scale infinitely without compromising on decentralization, censorship or user experience.


Control over every facet of media is gradually being consolidated into the hands of fewer and fewer people.  This is a monopoly that directly threatens our ability to freely exchange ideas, making it  imperative that we have a social platform that is truly resistant to centralization. 



Exo's Plebs (ticker: XPLEB) are a set of 10,000 image NFTs each with a set of unique attributes. All art and metadata are IPFS URLs (decentralized and immutable, similar to BAYC) and will be tradable on OpenSea.

The only way to get a PFP on plebbit is to aquire one of the curated NFT collection like Exo's Plebs. Other benefits include DAO voting power and reduced captchas.

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Plebbit, Plebsquat,Plebbrother NFTs
Plebbit NFT Series
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The contract of the Plebbrother NFT's series has been sent to 0x0000. This means that the Plebbit community is the sole owner of the NFT's and the Plebbit community determines the price of the NFT's. Currently all Plebbrothers NFTs are in cents. Fully gifted to the Plebbit community, the Plebbrothers NFTs are on the Polygon Network. lives on blockchain with smart contract

At Plebbit Community, we specialize in trading unique digital collectibles known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We believe that NFTs are the future of digital collectibles, and we are committed to expanding the NFT ecosystem.

Our mission is to open up the world of NFTs to everyone and to allow users to discover and explore the potential of the technology. We are passionate about providing our users Trade able NFTs  and to create an inclusive and supportive community Also Taking Nfts to an incredible value and making them an integral part of the Plebbit platform

plebs helping plebs , plebbit ,plebbrothers. bitcoinbrothers.eth


10.000 Plebs Lives on Polygon blockchain built on smart contract. All art and metadata are IPFS URLs (decentralized and immutable) and  tradable on OpenSea. These NFT's designed to use on  Plebbit Platforms .  

 Plebborthers &Plebsquat  NFTs are White listed on Plebbit Platforms, and so that They are going to hit incredible high record values. Early investors are definitely will have good returns, and will enjoy using their unique NFTs on Plebbit Clients. These are the rare series collectible arts created for Plebbit Platfrom , Enjoy the Plebbit Platforms and Their uniqueness with Plebsquat & Plebbrother NFTs

Plebbit is a revolutionary project that offers a unique and exciting way to enter the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Our main  is designed to bring together a vibrant community  and enable collectors to easily buy and sell their NFTs via Opensea

Plebbit Community


You can mint an Exo's Pleb for 100 MATIC on the Polygon network until the total supply of 10,000 is reached. All proceeds are used to buy and burn the PLEB token (not for profit).


Explore The NFTs Series

To get your  Exo'sPlebs Nfts , check out the collection on OpenSea.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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